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Vineyard takes Pride in It's Students.

As a school average, students performed at a level two grades above the national average.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students performed at a level four grades above the national average.  (Based on 2012 Iowa Tests of Basic Skills)


Vineyard Academy


Dear Vineyard Academy Friends and Alumni,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying these warm days of summer.  As we close our 23rd year at Vineyard Academy, and take up our expanded mission as Light of Christ Academy, I have been looking back over the countless blessings God has placed in my life.  Loving, Christ-centered teachers and staff, incredible students and families, generous, self-sacrificing benefactors that made these past years possible are among my most cherished blessings.  It has been a privilege working with you.  We are so grateful to St. Ann parish, Fr. Marotti, Deacon Mike, Fr. Fleckenstein, our bishop, Paul J. Bradley, Margaret Erich and all those who worked so hard to bring us to our new home. 

Beginning this fall, 2018, Vineyard Academy has an expanded mission that embraces Montessori formation for our youngest students and stronger Classical formation throughout.  Vineyard Academy and St. Ann Montessori will unite and become Light of Christ Academy.  We are moving forward with the best practices of our two excellent programs, while adding the teaching of polyphony (chant), intensifying our Latin studies and increasing the incorporation of the Great Books.  

Classical education can be understood as an approach to learning which has as its final goal the formation of the whole person in wisdom and virtue. The method of education in the classical tradition is to immerse the student in the great ideas of the great thinkers in the history of Western civilization; to make the students themselves participants in the ongoing search for a proper understanding of man, nature, God, truth, goodness, and beauty. In this way, education becomes an adventure in human formation which inspires wonder, rather than mere preparation for the workforce. Reading, analyzing and discussing the original works of the great thinkers is one way that classical education encourages the student to become an active participant in his or her education.

Why a name change? Do not let this trouble you.  Throughout salvation history, whenever God gave a soul a new mission, He gave them a new name. 

·         Remember Abram:  God chose him to become the father of a new nation, led him to a new land and changed his name to Abraham. 

·         Remember Simon: God chose him to be the stone upon which He built His Church, gave him the keys to the Kingdom and renamed him Peter. 

After much prayer and discernment, it is evident that God has brought Vineyard Academy into this new home at St. Ann parish, and He opened the path for the unification of these two wonderful schools. He has enlightened hearts and minds about the beauty of this unique blending of Montessori and Classical methods of education, and given us a pastor who has a heart for moving us forward in excellence as one, Catholic, Classical school.  In our embrace of God’s will, He has inspired this new name – Light of Christ Academy.  It testifies to Christ as the heart of our mission, and our desire to form students who follow and reflect His light into the world.


By God’s grace, Vineyard has been successful in kindling the flame of the Light of Christ in the hearts of our students, our families and the community. Thank you for your part in Vineyard’s success.  We hope you will rejoice with us in our new mission, and keep Light of Christ Academy, our staff and families in your prayers as we move forward. You are a part of our legacy, and we invite you to continue to support this work to build up the Kingdom allowing Christs light to shine brightly.






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"Vineyard Academy is like a family.  I know the parents of the kids my children play with.  We all work, play and pray together.  It is comforting to know how much everyone cares about everyone else including the wonderful staff." - A Parent's Testimonial

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"Vineyard isn't just about math, reading, writing, etc....It's about God, His love for us, our love for Him.  Vineyard is about charity, to give and give even when you don't want to.  Vineyard is about virtues, learning their meaning and how to project them in to your everyday life.  Vineyard is about ..."  Read more - Bailey's Testimonial

Vineyard Takes Pride in Its Graduates

48% entered high school honors courses

64% continue to engage in volunteer work

40% are discerning vocations

92% continue traditional Catholic education

Vineyard's formation program prepares students to transform society according to the social teachings of the Catholic Church and authentic Christian values.

To arrange a visit or for additional information about the unique educational experience offered at Vineyard Academy, please contact us at 269-629-7253 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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