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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Church documents, especially those of Vatican II and the writings of Pope John Paul II, form the basis of the educational philosophy of Vineyard Academy. Each person is created in the image and likeness of God, endowed with a unique combination of talents and gifts. Education's goal is to develop these gifts so that he can fully love and serve God and society. In forming the youth of today, we influence the society and culture of tomorrow. We are shaping the minds and hearts of those who will serve others in the home, at the workplace, and in the Church. Thus we strive to form leaders who will influence different spheres of society, according to Gospel values. (Vatican Council II)

Core Principles

Our core principles work to help students develop a solid foundation based on character, Faith, social responsibility, problem-solving, critical thinking and service to their community and each other. These core principles include:

  • Christ-centered - Christ is the model and center of all of our efforts.
  • Integral Formation - Forming the whole child: intellectual, apostolic, human and spiritual.
  • A Culture of Charity and Unity - Charity is the crowning virtue of Christ-centered life. Unity and teamwork are critical to the success of our school.
  • Academic Excellence - Use of a thorough intellectual formation strategy and a rich curriculum challenge and strengthen student's academic skills.
  • Personalized Formation - Programs are tailored, person-to-person. Teachers and staff work to know the student and motivate them to self-formation.
  • Family Partnership - We recognize that parents are the primary and principal educators of their children. With this understanding, formators in the school collaborate with parents in the education of their child. The school is an extension and support of the culture of the home.
  • Social responsibility - In forming the youth of today, we can influence the society and culture of tomorrow.
  • Love, Motivation and Conviction - True formation begins with love. A good formator sees the potential within each student and because of his or her love for that person is willing to commit the extra time, effort and patience needed to help form that student. An educator cannot demand from the student without motivating them first and this motivation must be based on authentic love for the student, demonstrated by self-giving, kindness and patience.
  • Education by Goals - Our method places great importance on setting clear goals accompanied by effective means to achieve them.
  • Build the Church - In all that we do, we keep in mind our service to the Catholic Church, specifically the support, promotion and partnership with our diocese and local parishes.

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