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Vineyard Academy implements the philosophy of education that flows from the Catholic Faith. The Church has defined that philosophy and the role of a Catholic school very carefully in many documents including those of Vatican II, Pope John Paul II and a summary document written by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, the secretary for the Congregation for Catholic Education, entitled "The Holy See's Teaching on Catholic Schools". In this document, Archbishop Miller explains the Catholic Church's teachings about purpose, philosophy and requirements for authentic Catholic schools. Vineyard Academy has worked and continues to work to improve in our accomplishment of these requirements which include:

  • Inspired by a supernatural vision - Vineyard Academy assures students they are children of God, teaching them to love God and neighbor, and helping them discover God's plan for their lives.
  • Founded on the Christian's View of Man - Vineyard works to educate the whole child in the image of Christ; taking a child's natural gifts and developing them through God's grace.
  • Animated by a Community of Faith - Vineyard Academy is a community which embodies team work, a family atmosphere, and interaction between teachers and students. Students need an atmosphere of warmth where prayer is a part of their day.
  • Imbued with a Catholic World View throughout its Curriculum - Catholicism is a "comprehensive way of life" and it animates every aspect of Vineyard Academy's activities and curriculum.
  • Sustained by Gospel Witness - Vineyard's teachers and administrators strive to be examples of Christ and models of virtue for their students to imitate.

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