Bailey's Testimonial


Vineyard isn't just about math, reading, writing, etc....It's about God, His love for us, our love for Him.  Vineyard is about charity, to give and give even when you don't want to.  Vineyard is about virtues, learning their meaning and how to project them in to your everyday life.  Vineyard is about going that extra mile, taking time to help a friend even though it may mean you won't get your own work done.  Vineyard is about the students, teachers bending over backwards to help you to understand your work.  Making the bar higher because the teachers know you can reach it, or, lowering the bar a bit because they know you are struggling and need extra time.  Vineyard is about Faith, faith in God, faith in the church, faith in yourself, faith in your friends.  Vineyard is about family, not just your own family but the "Vineyard Family".  The closeness you develop and how they all come together to help each other out.  Sometimes without even being asked.  Mostly I think that Vineyard is about formation.  I was not formed in just one area of my life, but all four of them, Spiritual, Apostolic, Human and Intellectual.  Vineyard is about teaching us how these four work together to form the whole person.

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