Arianna's Testimonial

One my absolute favorite things about Vineyard Academy is just how close we all are. It is really like we are one big and amazing family with so much love! School is something that you can actually look forward to - seeing your classmates, your teachers, and especially all of the little kids! We really are one big family, which is so very unique and beautiful, especially for a school!

Another beautiful thing about Vineyard Academy is that it is so holy - the teachers, the parents, and the students - we are all on a journey to holiness and we are so blessed to be able to do it together! School starts later so that everyone has the chance to make it to daily Mass before school begins, which is the best way to start the day! We pray a Rosary together each day, we pray before school begins, during school, and at the end of the day in thanksgiving.

It is certainly a Christ-centered school! I am so incredibly blessed to have gotten the chance to go there and to meet such amazing souls!
My plan for the future is to attend the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. I am still discerning my vocation and my future in general (which I encourage everyone to do, especially young people!) but I am planning on majoring in nursing, with a minor in theology.

If you choose Vineyard Academy, you really won’t be disappointed. Trust me.


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