PACK - Parents in Action for Christ's Kids


“The Mission of Parents in Action for Christ's Kids is to build a sense of community within Vineyard Academy for the betterment of our families and the Academy. We will carry out our apostolic mission within the spirit of the Catholic faith and the particular mystique of our charity. We will promote service through actively and prayerfully supporting our teaching staff, and we will assist with fundraising functions to provide operating and special purpose funds for Vineyard Academy.”
All parents of Vineyard Academy are considered active members of PACK. As our mission statement reads, we are here to support our students, our teachers and each other.
PACK organizes at least four primary fundraisers each year. In addition to these, we organize several additional, smaller ongoing efforts to raise funds. The monies from all of our efforts go toward funding Vineyard Academy general operations, ongoing maintenance and upkeep, and teacher support.
Please contact the school office at 269-629-7253 with any questions.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Box Tops Containers in classrooms & St. Ann Parish
Campbell labels Containers in classrooms & St. Ann Parish
Meijer Rewards Register On-line

Thank You for your ongoing support!

Upcoming Vineyard Academy Events


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