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Capital Campaign

 Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

This fall we will be ready to kick off the Vineyard Academy Capital Campaign to fund phase 1 of the new school building program.
What is included in this new Capital Campaign?
 Vineyard Academy will be ready to embark upon a critical Capital Campaign to raise significant funds for the building of our new school. Our plan is to start phase 1 on the site we now own.
How is the Capital Campaign different from the Annual Fund?
 The Annual Fund helps shorten the space between income generated by tuition and the school’s operating expenses, such as salaries, benefits, equipment, educational tools, and maintenance of the facility. Annual Fund gifts are made each year. The Capital Campaign is for the construction of buildings and the items needed to stock those buildings. Capital Campaign gifts are usually larger and pledged over several years. Both Annual Fund and Capital Campaign gifts are fully tax deductible.

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